Monday, March 4, 2013

Horrifying Reality Change (LF challenge)

I could feel the sun beating down on my forehead, so I pulled my hood further, shielding my eyes, even though I had my sunglasses on. It’s just that way with me, the sun, like death if it’s too bright. I get odd looks as I cross the street. No doubt the girl that just passed thinks I’m a lesbian now, what with how I hold myself.

It doesn’t change my pace though; I just keep moving faster, ready to get home. Desperate to get away from the hours spent at the store. How I hate working there. The walk home is always like a “cool down” for me. If I had my way, I’d walk everywhere, I’d just want to replace all the people with landmarks, or interesting items to stare at momentarily while I pass.

I’ve never been good with people. Especially not strangers. Too paranoid, too overwhelmed. That’s when I spot my apartment complex and pull my bag from off my shoulder. Despite how I am dressed, my purse is quite girlish. This brings a smile to my face while I fuss to find my keys.

My roommates are out, no surprise there. I toss my purse aside and hastily tear off my clothes. Walking in the heat with a leather jacket on is no joke.

I put on some Jamie pants and a boyfriend t and start organizing my desk. I’m desperate to take a shower and sleep, but I’ve been putting this off for too long. The rest of the room was disgusting when I finished, but it was already too dark and I was too sweaty to do anymore.

I de-clothed once again and headed to the shower. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror; my long, usually smooth well-kept hair was now a tangled mess.

As I start to shower, I am instantly soothed. I close my eyes and let the water run over my face and down my chest in a savory manner. I let out a sigh of relief, picturing my bed in all its glory.

I open my eyes to grab my shampoo, but the lights go out before my hand reaches it. I pause, “Gavin?” I call out for my roommate, but there’s no reply. Suddenly the lights are back on. I look around the bathroom, alarmed and a little frightened, but continue to shower. Once finished, I grab my towel and move toward the door, opening it all too fast.

I am falling into nothingness. A black abyss where even my screams are void. I cradle my naked body when there is nothing else to hold onto and pray that I meet my end quick and painless.

After a moment, the blackness suddenly felt thicker, like the air was filling with smog or liquid. I can no longer breath, I’m suffocating. And then, light. I am on my hands and knees, but I am wearing something… a red skirt. Beneath me is sand. Vast and never ending.

I spin to see if I can spot something, anything, but nothing is there. Just sand. I keep moving, walking forward, and then I spot someone, a man in a black suit. I run to him, hopeless and afraid. “Sir! Sir, please!” I call, the man does not reply, simply keeps moving forward. “Sir, where are we? Can you help me?” As the man comes closer, I can make out his face. His features are gorgeous, his smile soothing and brilliant. “Please,” I say to him again, “Can you help me?” The man’s eyes come to mine and I am terrified.

Completely black, void, like the abyss. “I already have,” He says with a smile. His hand reaches toward me and grabs my chest. I am bare naked again. When he takes back his hand, he has my heart in it. “You gave me this, remember?” he takes a large bite out of my heart, smearing blood all over his face, “in return for my help,” blood drops from his chin and he smiles a bloody smile, “you remember, now, don’t you?”

I look down and I am in a pool of my own blood. My body is sickly mangled. I cry out, but I hear nothing. The man towers over me. “We shouldn’t forget the promises we make, should we?” he drops my heart into my lap and drags me by my hair, leaving a trail of blood in the sand.